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Learn More Stepping Stones Museum. Stepping Stones members Present ticket from other participating attraction. Center for Family 10 pack voucher will be replaced with the museum's value pass card when Come have an amazing, imaginative play date with us at award-winning Stepping Library Membership Offer your library patrons a discount to the museum. Call , ext. Stepping Stones Museum for Children is a hands-on children's museum for ages 10 and under located at West Avenue, in the Central section of Norwalk, Connecticut.

The entrance lobby houses ColorCoaster, a foot 8. The garden features three Kinetic Energy Sculptures designed by Beinfield Architecture , which use local solar, wind and water energy to delight and instruct museum-goers. This colorful set of kinetic sculptures demonstrate simple principles of energy generation while creating percussive music.

Recognized by the Governor of Connecticut as one of the first projects in the state to achieve LEED Gold status, the design employs a range of solutions, from energy efficiency and use of alternative energy sources, to ensuring healthy indoor air quality to water conservation. The building achieves a unique harmony between the site, the structure and the exhibits.

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Despite vast knowledge of road systems and an iconic brand, Rand McNally simply missed the transition to digital mapping, first on the Internet and subsequently on smartphones. Remaining negative and deliberately ignorant towards change, particularly in business, is counter-productive. Instead, significant opportunities can be opened by smartly navigating inflection points in rapidly changing and uncertain contexts.

Probably the first memory of when I realised that something big was happening was at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It was or when Larry and Sergey came out to the Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest international book fair in the world, because they were beginning to try to figure out what to do with books and search engines.

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They met with all the publishers. Here were these two young kids that came in, and they had a dissertation on index cards or something, and here we were. People were just starting to use Google at the time. And all of a sudden, I realised that there was a sea change that was going to happen.

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Once you go to zero variable costs, everything changes. And so books, of all the media, being the smallest file that exists and the easiest to transmit, even at that time, you could see that there was going to be a fundamental shift in the business for book publishers…. What Murray is describing in this conversation, is the crystallisation of insight that something is going to dramatically change your world.

An inflection point occurs when a change — what some people call a 10X change — upends the assumptions that a business is built on. In this case, it was the recognition that publishing was going to look a lot like software, in which the cost to create something happens up front, but the cost of replicating it once it has been built is more or less zero.

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We only need look at the winding path of the internet which changed retail forever. In , when Amazon shipped its first book, observers said the retail environment would be transformed in short order. Consumers would buy anything and everything and enjoy the convenience of having it shipped to their doorsteps. Retailers, heeding the early warnings of their impending doom, rushed into buying. Cast your mind back to the Internet of Access to the Internet was via dial-up modem. The shipping costs for an Internet good could be more expensive than the item itself.

In short, there were a lot of missing pieces to the model.