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The rewards need to be something of real value to your guests, while still delivering a profit. For example, you could offer an extra night free when they book at least two nights.

The 10 Best Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Or perhaps you could invite them to bring a friend for free. Use your expertise to arouse interest through blog posts, articles and events relating to that topic. This will help you attract guests exploring the topic on Google, and generate more email signups for future promotions. You could form your own ebook with the best public gardens to visit in the area, or give garden design talks.

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You could hold a tour of your own hotel gardens and take questions about the specific plants. What they need to thrive and some basic care tips. This is not a promotion exactly, but your employees can be great ambassadors for your hotel online. Guests appreciate an insider view into what companies are really like. It connects them to the people that bring the hotel alive. Early bird promotions encourage guests to book in advance.

You could simply offer special discounts for booking early, but there are plenty of other options to consider. Offering free upgrades gives guests a taste of your best services, which may entice them to buy the better options the next time they visit.

Pub Promotions That Work

They may also arrive with lower expectations, and by over-delivering you set them up for a great guest experience which they may rave about to friends, family and online. Upgrade examples include, room upgrades when they stay for more than two nights, or upgrade to half board when they stay two nights or more. Or something as simple as get a full English breakfast at the cost of a continental breakfast when you book. But hotels can get a foot forward by adopting originality and basing their promotions around personalised offers for the guest.

We hope these ideas will inspire some creative thought for your next promotion strategy.

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    I can say that we were not disappointed and they met our expectations. The Freedom Team helped us all the way before until that day and even checked if we were fine after I can only recommend them and wish all of you the same treatment and fun we had with them. By Seydou yao 8th June. To me, this is very important that they are still working and that they care enough to keep their website up to date. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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    We operate from a network of over 45 training sites across the UK. To find one of our Personal Licence courses near you simply click on one of the tabs below. Personal Licence Courses for the Hospitality Industry. February 3, personallicence 1 Comment Pub Management.