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Pizza Hut in Jakarta , Indonesia. Pizza Hut in Yerevan , Armenia. Pizza Hut in Puerto Vallarta , Mexico.

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Pizza Hut in North York , Canada. Pizza Hut in Paris , France. Savio S.

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  7. The stuffed-crust pizza was introduced on March 26, By the end of the year, it had become one of their most popular lines. Regional differences are seen in the products and bases. This was discontinued on October 27, , in the Dallas market. Pizza Hut developed a pizza for use as space food , which was delivered to the International Space Station in In recent years, the chain has seen a downturn in profits. In , the franchise stated it would be pumping more capital into its London branches.

    In January , Pizza Hut announced it had expanded beer delivery to locations across the U. The ad, which looks just like an old movie, and features a man in a suit and tie, played by Ron Williams, production manager for KAKE-TV at the time as he starts ordering take-out and driving his Mustang JR to Pizza Hut, where he is chased by a variety of townspeople portrayed by neighborhood kids, Walterscheidt and his daughter, and various employees for Harry Crow and KAKE-TV.

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    He picks up his pizza and goes back to his house, where all of his pizza is eaten by the townspeople before he can take a bite, which makes the man upset as he calls Pizza Hut again. The ad first aired on November 19, , during halftime of the Notre Dame vs. Michigan State "Game of the Century" , and dramatically increased sales for the franchise. Your Pizza Hut" [ citation needed ] From to , the advertising slogan was "Make it great", a variation of the s— slogan "Makin' it great!

    Pizza Hut does not have an official international mascot, but at one time, commercials in the U. These commercials ran from to and were based on the Mr. Bill sketches from Saturday Night Live during the lates. The ads featured a slice of pizza with a face made out of toppings called "Pizza Head".

    Pete was on the bags, cups, balloons, and hand puppets for the kids. In Australia during the mid to late s, the advertising mascot was a delivery boy named Dougie, with boyish good looks, who upon delivering pizza to his father, would hear the catchphrase "Here's a tip: be good to your mother". Adding to the impact of these advertisements, the role of Dougie was played by famous Australian soap opera and police drama actor Diarmid Heidenreich.

    Pizza Hut also engaged in product placement within the film, having a futuristic version of their logo with their trademarked red hut printed on the side of a mylar dehydrated pizza wrapper in the McFly family dinner scene, and appear on a storefront in Hill Valley in the year The game included Pizza Hut product placement in the form of background advertisements and pizza that would refill the character's life.

    The last scene of the commercial showed Ivana asking for the last slice, to which Donald replied, "Actually dear, you're only entitled to half", a play on the couple's recent divorce. A commercial with Rush Limbaugh dates from the same year, in which he boasts "nobody is more right than me," yet he states for the first time he will do something wrong, which was to participate in Pizza Hut's then "eating pizza crust first" campaign regarding their stuffed-crust pizzas.

    Also, in , the game Crazy Taxi for Sega Dreamcast featured Pizza Hut as one of the locations to which players were able to drive and drop off customers. However, in the game's re-release for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network , all of the product placement, including the Pizza Hut locations, were removed.

    Early had Pizza Hut move into several more interactive ways of marketing to the consumer. Using mobile-phone SMS technology and their MyHut ordering site, they aired several television commercials commencing just before the Super Bowl containing hidden words that viewers could type into their phones to receive coupons. Other innovative efforts included their "MySpace Ted" campaign, which took advantage of the popularity of social networking, and the burgeoning user-submission marketing movement via their Vice President of Pizza contest.

    They advertised the stuffed-crust pizza, with Jonathan Ross saying "stuffed cwust" due to his rhotacism. Following England's defeat to Germany on penalties in the semifinals of Euro 96 , Gareth Southgate , Stuart Pearce , and Chris Waddle featured in an advertisement, which shows Southgate wearing a paper bag over his head in shame as he was the one who missed the crucial penalty against Germany. Waddle and Pearce, who both missed penalty kicks in Italia 90 , are ridiculing him, emphasising the word "miss" at every opportunity.

    After Southgate finishes his pizza, he takes off his paper bag, heads for the door, and bangs his head against the wall. Pearce responds with, "this time he's hit the post". Pizza Hut paid for their logo to appear on a Russian Proton rocket in , which launched the Russian Zvezda module.

    On April 1, , Pizza Hut in America sent emails to customers advertising their pasta items. The email and similar advertising on the company's website stated: "Pasta so good, we changed our name to Pasta Hut! The first Pasta Hut advertisement shows the original Pizza Hut restaurant being imploded and recreated with a "Pasta Hut" sign. Pizza Hut has sponsored the Book It! The program has been criticized by some psychologists on the grounds it may lead to overjustification and reduce children's intrinsic interest in reading.

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    The Book It! In the United Kingdom, Pizza Hut was criticized in October for the high salt content of its meals, some of which were found to contain more than twice the daily recommended amount of salt for an adult. The meats that consumers demand for pizza toppings ham, sausage, bacon, etc.

    In July , delivery drivers filed a class-action lawsuit over Pizza Hut "paying delivery drivers net wages below minimum wage due to unreimbursed automobile expenses" in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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    Capital Pizza Huts, Inc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American restaurant chain and international franchise. Brands worldwide outside of China Yum China within China. Pizza Hut concepts. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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